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        Hangzhou Jinjiang Group's general manager Zhang Jianyang, vice general manager Sun Jiabin and their team had  attended the SECOND BELT AND ROAD FORUM FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION, they also attended the signing ceremony of comprehensive strateg...

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    The First Stage of Shanxi Zhongrun's Electrolytic Aluminum Project was Completed

  • China Aluminium Network
  • Post Time: 2019/8/13
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    Shanxi Zhongrun's first stage 432,000 tons electrolytic aluminum project adopted 368 sets domestic advanced energy-saving electrolytic cells, 4 sets dry electrolysis flue gas purification systems, supported with anode assembly and casting shops. In 2018, it has produced 53,000 tons of aluminium ingots. The overall planning is to build 1 million tons aluminium alloy and a 3×660MW capative power plant, now the project has already completed.

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