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        According to a recent finalized study executed by AluMag 43% of all NEVs [New Energy Vehicles  = Electrified Vehicles such as BEV and PHEV] produced in China are fitted with an aluminum tray [lower part of the battery housing]. Thereof 36% has a...

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    Hebei Lear Aluminum Co.,Ltd: Cooperate with CNBM, Start New Journey

  • China Aluminium Network
  • Post Time: 2018/11/7
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    (Aluminium Network) As the leading professional manufacturer of high precision special alloy profile, with the exception of engaging in aluminum profile industry, Lear Aluminum also expands into WPC series and PVC plastic profile; spreads around transportation, power, equipment manufacturing and building field.

    In 17 years of development, Lear Aluminum won the honor of China famous brand, national inspection-free product, national high and new technology industry and other several honorary titles. The company has always been regarded technology leading the future as the purpose of enterprise development; has gained the popularity among Vanke Real Estate, China Overseas Property, Beijing Capital Land and other top real estates.

    Lears glorious development experience and scientific future planning has attracted the attention of CNBM which directly subordinate to SASAC. Chen Xianwu, the GM of Lear Aluminum stated CNMB has signed entrusted operation agreement with Handan city and county government in 2017, CNBM made Lear its domain.

    For Lears next three years construction planning, Chen Xianwu introduced buyout will finish in the first year, the second year recombination of Lears all resources; imports high-end science and technology talents in the third year; develops unique and advanced products, achieves ambitions of new Lear, new image, leap again and glory again.

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