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    Rusal announces the completion of aluminium alloy bridge in Nizhny Novgorod

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  • Post Time: 2017/7/17
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    Rusal, the leading global aluminium producer, and the Russian Aluminium Association, a union of producers, suppliers and consumers of aluminium, announce the completion of the pedestrian bridge using aluminium alloys in its construction. This is the second bridge of this kind in Russia.

    The second bridge is based in the Afonino village of the Kstovski district in the region of Nizhny Novgorod and the construction works completed overnight on July 13-14, 2017. In June, earlier this year , the first bridge built of aluminum alloys was built in the same location.

    Each (of the two bridges) are 38 meters in length and have a width of 6.5 meters. The construction weight is 22 tonnes and this is three times lighter than steel-made equivalents. Partners of the project are the ‘GS-Reserve’ construction company, aluminium constructions’ manufacturer; ‘MPF Bridge Construction’ company, general contractor of the construction works, as well as UC RUSAL, ‘Aluminium Metallurg Rus’ and ‘Arconic SMZ’ as supplies of the metal.

    Both of the pedestrian bridges will improve the safety level in the area for its residents, including for those with less mobility, as well as for the students of a secondary school who are based in the area where one of the bridges is located.

    ‘The construction of aluminium bridges in Russia has just begun, however, in the next couple of years, such bridges will appear in several cities and towns across the country. For example, two bridges will be assembled in Moscow by the end of August as part of the project for the Yauza nature park redevelopment and in 2018, two bridges will be built in Krasnoyarsk on the threshold of the Universiade-2019 sporting event,’ said Roman Andryushin, Head of Sales for Russia and CIS at RUSAL.

    Load-carrying structures of the bridges made of aluminium alloys have a service life of 50 years minimum, with major advantages over steel such as being lighter whilst having high strength characteristics exceeding those of steel and concrete. In addition, aluminium is more resistance to corrosion, aggressive substances and temperatures up to minus 70°C and below.

    Source: Rusal Press Release
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